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no harm done.

no harm done.


the aroma of her,

lavender vanilla

cocktailed with Basil Hayden’s,

aroused me.

she lingered somewhere

between cognizant and unconscious,

I laid her body

against the floorboards,

her legs were smooth,



eyes glossing over,

they sparkled at me.

I sank my teeth into her inner thighs,

she let out a howl,

it was drowned by the alcohol

and my forearm.

her body started to quiver,

she’s panicking,

hands wailing,

legs squirming

my wrist flicked

as my knuckles embraced her cheek.

drool rolled off my tongue,

her ribcage buckled.

I twisted her hair between my fist,

cementing her body to the floor.

her eyes slid back,


my chest fluttering,


surging as she’s choking on her shrieks.

my tongue met her naval,

her abdomen shuddering—

she burst into incoherent sobs

for help,

for me.

she needs me.

my teeth ripping into her obliques,

her flesh caught between my nails,


for a later time.

wanting to indulge her shivers,

her sweat mixed with mine,

her aroma,

I need it.

my fingertips lingered

just above her collarbone,

hips bluing

under the pressure of my body.

her eyes dimmed,

her body loosened,

consciousness edging towards solitude,

her life reaching the apex,

and it is my doing.

I kissed her pelvis,

indulging its flavor,

her skin stuck to mine

honey soaking in.

placing my hand

over her mouth,

her jaw unhinging,

I could not stop

at the sound of her pelvis


my body craving a high,

I desperately need.

I inhaled her muffled cries,

they floated to the shadows

and just as her body whimpered

for death,

I cannot deny her request

and I am just as happy

to hand it over.

so, I did.

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